Tailored intercultural solutions

Culture Clear's fields of action

  • International team building
  • Cross-cultural development of organisations
  • Cross-social understanding in organisations
  • Cross-cultural communications online
  • Intercultural studies and benchmarks

Culture Clear can design the best suited plan of action for you and your organisation. Training seminars for your teams, conferences for your clients or suppliers, intercultural studies for your salesforce, Audit and strategic recommendations, Culture Clear develops the tools you need to be successful in all intercultural environments.

Intercultural solutions for all

Here are example of group seminars on intercultural communication for companies or individuals

Introduction to intercultural communication

  • Culture awareness and tools for a better international understanding
  • Social culture, foster differences in values within an organisation
  • The generational digital gap: understanding communication in the new internet culture

Solutions for international organisations

  • Build effective teams with different national and corporate culture
  • Partnership and competition in an intercultural environment
  • Understand your customers and adapt your services on an international level
  • Develop successful international strategies

Solutions in the digital world for cross-cultural organisations

  • Develop your communication across the digital generations
  • Understand the cultures of online communities
  • Successful cross-cultural communications in the digital world

Solutions for teams with mixed social cultures

  • Build a successful project with people from different social backgrounds
  • Bridge the personal culture gap in organisations

Solutions for teams with mixed national cultures

  • Working internationally: tap into local culture for better productivity
  • Hierarchy and decision making in intercultural environments
  • Team building across cultures