Astrium/Airbus Defence and Space

INED - Institut National des Etudes démographiques, Paris, France

Wikimedia Foundation, San Francisco, USA

Club d'affaires de la Hesse, Section Junior, Frankfurt, Germany

Association Régionale des missions locales d'Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France

PediaPress, Mainz, Germany

Talks and presentations

AG Ehrenamt, Frankfurt, Germany

October 2012

Freiwilligen-Motivation in Internet-Projekten

Wikimania, Haifa, Israel

August 2011

Intercultural Issues Across Wikimedia projects

Demistifying Digital, a Practical Look at Social Marketing - Hill and Knowlton - London, UK

Wikipedia behind the scenes, insights into the world of know-it-alls

Plenary Assembly of the European Episcopal Commission for Media (CEEM) - Internet culture and the communication of the Church - Vatican City

13 November 2009

Presentation of Wikipedia, panel discussion with YouTube, Facebook and

Linux Tag - Berlin, Germany

26 June 2009

The Open Source Rainbow, a Journey Into Intercultural and Multilingual Collaboration

Girls Geek Dinner, Frankfurt, Germany

8 December 2008

How User Experience Could Benefit From Attention to Culture

Shift 2008 - Lisbon, Portugal

15-17 October 2008

Catching up With the Cultural Gap - Reflections on a Successful Intercultural Communication

Wikimedia Nederland Conferentie - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

27 October 2007

Core values: the culture of free, free as in wiki

Wikipedia Tag - Bern, Switzerland

September 2007

Promotion of free knowledge: The cultural challenge

Wikimania - Taipei, Taiwan

3-5 August 2007

Virtual and real life cultures: Wikimedia, projects and organisation (How the real world steps into the Wikimedia world and vice versa.)

Reboot 9, "Human?" - Copenhague, Denmark

May 2007

Wikipedia/Wikimedia, a Role Model for Governance?

Listen to the podcast of an interview I did there