Cross country, across cultures

Culture as a strength

  • Are the French really chauvinistic?
  • How can my 100 year old company effectively communicate with digital natives?
  • Is it really that difficult to do business with Japan?
  • Why doesn't my product work in Egypt (when it's a hit everywhere else)?
  • Can't volunteers in a non-profit really be managed the way paid staff is?
  • Are the Germans always on time?

So many questions that organisations, companies and individuals have asked themselves one way or the other. Culture is the basis of our everyday life. From whether you drink your coffee in a cup, a mug or a bowl, to how you relate to your colleagues and clients. Culture is one of the pillars of our personality and affects the way we communicate and collaborate.

And yet, although our everyday acts are conditionned by our social, national, generational or even organisational culture, we often don't pay attention to cultural differences and end up miscommunicating. In today's global village, with the development of globalisation, an organisation which can successfully tap into its inner diversity has an advantage on the global market place. Culture Clear helps you develop this advantage.

Culture Clear, tools and insight for working interculturally

Culture Clear offers intercultural training and consulting, in the field of social, digital and international culture. Counsel ranges from strategic management of your communication across generations or countries, to integration of intercultural teams, through learning about intercultural awareness and development. Culture Clear works with international teams as well as teams with strong discrepancies in social culture and brings tailored solutions to your cultural issues.

Culture Clear advises companies, organisations and individuals alike, providing them with insight and tools to work effectively and stress-free in today's global and digital village.